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Welcome to Dharma Shrines

Tibetan Altars, also referred to as Shrines can be found in almost every home in Tibet. Throughout the ages, these magnificent pieces of furniture have become the centerpiece as the place in the home where traditoinal buddhists honor The Buddah.

These authentic Altars or Shrines have never been offered for sale in the United States. By importing them we can not only bring their beauty into the homes a American Buddhists but by doing so bring work to the workers who's artistry creates them, helping them improve their livlihoods.


All Handmade & Imported Directly From Lhasa, Tibet



Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa Tibet, Ancient Himalayan city, is the home to traditional Buddhst carpenters, who build Shrines and Altars which transcend Time.

  • Hand Crafted
  • Traditional Design
  • Buddhist Inspired
  • Passed down thrugh generations
  • Now Available in the US




Tibetan Craftsmen

Masterfully trained craftsmen, using skils passed down through the generations. continue to build furnitue in the same traditions of their forefathers.

  • Age Old Tradtions
  • Flawless Brushwork
  • Hand Rubbed Finishes
  • Each Piece a work of Art