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Our Workshop

Tibetan artisans continue traditional woodcarving and painting in Tibet for Dharma Shrines.

Their shrine cabinets are 100% hand-made by Tibetans in Lhasa, Tibet and shipped from Lhasa to the USA.

This handmade furniture is fabricates in a workshop based an earlier one founded by Panchen Rinpoche in Shigatse.  After Panchen Rinpoche died his factory ceased to operate because of lack of funds; then one of his students moved to Lhasa and opened a small factory modeled after the original. It employs approximately 20 young, skilled workers and provides employment to young artisans and helps to preserve the woodcarving and painting skills and traditions of Tibet.

The worksh0p supplies shrines and tables to all of Tibet and is the first workshop in Tibet to provide shrines and tables to the USA, and it provides them exclusively to Dharma Shrines.

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